Every great company has a set of principles to follow.

Core Milagre Principles

At Milagre we have a commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way, a commitment to innovation and excellence, a commitment to doing good for others and to helping those less fortunate, and a commitment to building a strong, safe, and fun work community. You can contribute by suggesting ways we can meet these commitments.


Our clients are everything.

We must do everything we can every day to earn and maintain our customers’ trust and loyalty. If we do so, competitors do not exist. 


Be a problem solver not a problem maker.

Try not to start a sentence with the words “we have a problem”. Instead strive to say “we had a problem but we solved it”.


Think big, be bold.

Everyday, walk down to the good luck train station and lay down on the tracks so you have the best chance of being run over by good luck. Look for opportunity in all places and situations.


Be brutally honest, but be right.

Make sure that before you dump your point of view on someone else you are absolutely sure you are right. Be more critical of yourself than you are of others. Nobody is perfect and no one is ever indispensable. Remember that honesty is always the best policy.


Think long term.

Think about the benefit of the company, Everyone of us must be a specialist at their particular job but also  everyone has to know how to do their job and everyone else’s job too so we can back each other up. If you think short term, mostly about your own benefit, If you hoard knowledge, skills, and information rather than sharing and being a mentor, you are a dispensable employee at best. If you think long term, mostly about the success of the entire enterprise, you are a leader.



Keep it simple stupid. Innovate, and above all simplify.


Always thirst for knowledge.

Seek knowledge everywhere, especially in the most unlikely places. Mentor others and seek to be mentored yourself.


Be conscious and careful.

Make the correct move or decision most of the time. Recognize when you are out of sync and take time to correct this, question yourself and what you believe, never be stuck in place.


Strive to be the best.

Maintain the highest standards, higher that you think is reasonable, and when a problem happens raise the bar even more. It is never good enough.


Be nimlbe.

Think fast and make decisions based on core beliefs and intuition. If it turns out to be wrong, it can always be changed.


Don’t be a “PIG”.

Remember that on Wall Street Bulls make money, Bears make money, but Pigs get slaughtered. The same is true when trying to maximize a company’s potential. Be inventive, achieve results while using the fewest resources possible. At all costs avoid expenses with RR (recurring revenue expenses). Always look to reduce expenses and achieve the same desired result with less revenue leakage, but always without compromising the results. Be aggressive, be defensive, but never wasteful. 


Mind the details.

Assume less than expected results while shooting for unsurpassable excellence.


Challenge but be respectful

Be provocative and not shy about disrupting the status quo. But be mindful not to injure others or to be so self-important that you become irrelevant.


Be competitive, but Don’t Envy or be Jealous of others.

Envy and jealousy can make you feel terrible. They can ruin your business and even personal relationships.

Envy is: I feel entitled to what you have.

Jealousy is: I deserve the recognition you have from others simply because I feel so.


Never fail, deliver results always.

Never offer up excuses or justifications for perceived failure or exaggerate results to hide shortfalls. There is no failure there are only opportunities to learn and improve.

These principles guide Milagre towards excellence.

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