Fiduciary: Founded in trust and Ethically bound to your best interest

Global Style Asset Management combined with Holistic Financial Planning.

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, we're held to a fiduciary standard. It's a promise that we'll do only what we believe is in your best interest. We put personal motives, gains or conflicts of interest aside to ensure we're acting in an honest and trustworthy manner.



Milagre: An exceptional product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something. 

Milagre is the Portuguese word for Miracle. A miracle is generally defined, according to the etymology of the word—it comes from the Greek thaumasion and the Latin miraculum—as that which causes wonder and astonishment, being extraordinary in itself and amazing or inexplicable by normal standards. My entire life has been a miracle and I owe much of our success to the trust and loyalty of our family of clients with some of those relationships spanning over 40 years of financial planning service with Paul, and the unbounded commitment to excellence by our team. In this context, Milagre means to reach for the seemingly impossible.

What is proactive asset management? In our view, it is very different than a buy and hold approach.
A buy and hold approach may work for you if you have the ability to tolerate potentially large swings in the stock market.
Another potential risk of being fully invested is opportunity cost. Should the market experience a step decline, those that are fully invested are not in a position to take advantage of opportunities.
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We at Milagre endeavor to provide a supportive experience for our family of clients and act as unofficial confidants through our comprehensive set of offerings. We strive to create a family-like atmosphere for our clients. 
We pose as few limitations as possible on our job as Personal Advisers to our clients and their families.
We make it our directive, and even more importantly our commitment, to do whatever it takes to secure 
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As you read through the information on this page you may come to realize just how complex and how necessary the process of Estate Planning is. A well designed estate plan can be complex and time consuming, depending on your financial situation and goals, and it must be maintained to keep up with changes in the law and in your life . Estate Planning is included as part of our Investment Management Services offering.
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Over 30 years ago Paul coined the phrase “A financial plan without a concept, is like a ship without a rudder. It will never get anywhere except by accident”. True then and today, financial planning creates an ongoing living process that should reduce your stress about money, support your current needs, and build a nest egg for pre or post retirement. A living plan helps determine how much money you’ll need to reach your goals.
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Because we serve only a small group of families, we believe that we spend a much greater amount of time and resources on each of our clients than many companies in our industry do. Here, not only can you generally reach any of us directly anytime during normal business hours, but you don’t have to suffer through a myriad of prompts and push several keys on your phone only to be told to leave a voice mail.
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Our Wealth Management Style is driven by our humble beginnings. We are just normal people like our family of clients. Our families were not wealthy, we do not have any connections to politicians or billionaires, in fact our beginning is one of hunger and poorness.

Everything we have been able to build for ourselves, our families, and their future, we owe to the loyalty of our clients. 
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Every dollar that leaves our clients accounts to costs is a dollar less our clients and their families have to reach their goals. Creating efficiencies and savings is another way we try to improve performance. We operate on an institutional platform that allows us the benefit of zero commissions trading.
Simply put, most transactions such as buying or selling a stock are at no transaction fee.
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Security these days is of the utmost importance. Because of our small size, and also because of our internal significant programming skills, we can create an environment that is more secure and we are more aware of the risks and how to monitor them.  First, we own and maintain our own servers. This is highly unusual for a small firm such as ours, but increases the safety and security of your data.
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We are acutely aware that our success is entirely dependent on our client’s success, and therefore our level of commitment to excellence must have no boundaries. We are 100% client oriented, and we maintain a client-centric business model. What our clients need and want is all that matters to us. We make sure every single client has access to every one of us personally anytime they need us.
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At Milagre we have a commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way, a commitment to innovation and excellence, a commitment to doing good for others and to helping those less fortunate, and a commitment to building a strong, safe, and fun work community. You can contribute by suggesting ways we can meet these commitments.
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We focus on our family of clients first and always. We are client driven; we operate on a local and personal level. We invest in our company for the long term, to serve our clients better. We set the highest standards of performance. We demand financial strictness and risk discipline. We strive for the best internal governance and controls. We act and think like owners and partners to build efficient operations. 
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Fiduciary: Any person entrusted with the property of another party and in whose best interests the fiduciary is expected to act when holding, investing or otherwise using that party’s property. By definition, regulators deem investment advisers to be fiduciaries. Fiduciary Duty: The legal duty of a fiduciary to act in the best interests of the beneficiary. Fiduciary Duty also refers to the highest degree of trust, esponsibility,
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There are a series of initial meetings we call “The Implementation Phase”. These meetings are designed to create a framework for our relationship.

After an initial fact find, we proceed to a risk analysis meeting, where together we will define a risk profile.

There are many modules to cover such as Estate planning, portfolio construction, and more.

Each module requires several meetings. As time passes and the years roll by there are fewer face to face meetings necessary since we are then in a maintenance and review stage.

Most modules require smaller interim meetings for simple review or to just look at an initial or interim step such as a review of a developing Estate Plan, or the updating of a Living Financial Plan.

For the convenience of our clients we use a web meeting system that allows our team to communicate live with the client with both visual and audio communications.

We can share our screens and run any our software and ineract with our clients face to face These technologies enable our client to attend these review and interim meetings while remaining in the comfort of their home. 

A substantial amount of our communications is via
e-mail and also by personal phone conferences.

We also employ proprietary technologies to create phone and email alerts for our clients so that when a pressing issue arises, we can quickly locate and engage with our clients as necessary.  It is the use of these proprietary technologies that gives us our ability (when time and market conditions allow) to seek our clients consent for each trade or adjustment in their portfolio.
When possible, we seek to attain our clients consent so that we can better keep our clients engaged and informed on their investments. 

From time to time we produce informative videos that are made available only to our family of clients.

These videos are designed to address current market conditions, discuss issues such as technical analysis, or other areas of interest to our clients. Periodically we also sponsor conferences for our clients.

These are by invitation only and are designed to bring a group of our clients together, discuss broad market conditions, or address a specific issue that may be common to them.

These conferences are available only to our clients, their families, and guests. 

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Paul dos Santos CEO.

As the CEO and lead portfolio manager, Paul brings to our firm over 35 years of experience in the financial services arena. Over the years Paul has held many financial services industry licenses and registrations, some of which are now inactive, such as Financial Operations Principal and Options Principal. His early background in the insurance industry also provides a risk management component to his unique style of Holistic Wealth Management. Having been born very poor in a small European dictatorship, Paul immigrated to the U.S.A. to pursue The American Dream five decades ago. Today, having achieved personal financial success, Paul and his wife Dagmar dedicate themselves to helping those less fortunate through individual personal philanthropy. Their son Jason is their proudest achievement.

Our team of professionals and affiliated consultants


Patty Ricciuti

Associate Client Services

After years of experience in the financial services industry, Patty went on to raise a family.

Now she has returned to the industry and we are glad to have her.

She is a very happy and fun person to be around and she is very interested in helping people.

Nothing is ever a problem for her when it comes to taking care of our clients and their needs, she is always willing to do whatever it takes to support our family of clients.   


Laura A. Troetti

Associate Client Services

Laura is an experienced business and legal professional with a diversified skill set developed through years of experience.

Soft spoken and dedicated to details, she provides our family of clients with unparalleled personalized service at every facet of our client relationship.

Laura has strong leadership skills.

She assists with compliance duties and makes sure the day-to-day duties every firm must adhere to are completed in good order and on time.


Al Zeitchick


Al was a special education teacher for 28 years and an assistant principal for 6 years. He retired with 34 years of service with NYC DOE.

Al and his lovely wife are also Milagre clients as are their son and daughter.
Al works as an independent consultant to us, helping us navigate the intricacies of the NYC DOE retirement system as many of our clients are active or retired educators.
In addition Al, along with his partner Stacey Torres, work as pension consultants for memebers of the NYC DOE and may refer clients to us when appropriate.


Stacey Torres


Stacey was a math teacher for 17 years and an assistant principal for 18 years. She retired with nearly 36 years of service with NYC DOE.

Stacey and her better half are Milagre clients too.
Stacey works as an independent consultant to us, helping us navigate the intricacies of the NYC DOE retirement system as many of our clients are active or retired educators.
In addition Stacey, along with her partner Al Zeitchick, work as pension consultants for memebers of the NYC DOE and may refer clients to us when appropriate.


 Jason dos Santos


Jason is currently attending Marist college in NY, seeking a degree in digital media. When not in school, Jason interns with us learning the craft of asset management and using his growing skills in digital media and internet technologies. In fact, most of this website was designed and created by Jason. Although his passion is digital media and video game design, Jason is an outstanding writer and is quickly learning the fundamentals of investment management as he realizes that someday he will have to be the asset manager of the family's growing assets.

Our outstanding group of consultants.


Dr. Homayoon Beigi

Server Deployment and Security

As Vice President of Internet Server Connetions Inc. Dr. Beigi has developed the multiple-award winning Commerce Made Easy®, an elaborate Electronic Commerce system used world-wide. In addition, since 1995, he has been an Adjunct Professor at the Computer Science department, as well as Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering departments of Columbia University. Dr. Beigi as been a devoted mentor to us over the many years and instrumental in developing our internet security program. We consider him a personal friend.


Perry D'Alba

D'Alba IT Services, Networking Solutions

While Dr. Beiji, Paul, and another programmer devote themselves primarily to the server side issues and service, Perry is dedicated to the client-side network infrastructure.
He makes sure our network of servers and workstations are kept up to date and that the network communicates without systemic stresses.
He is also our hardware person, so he deals with swapping out workstations and migrating data to new ones, and all things that keep a sophisticated network up. We are very thankful for Perry’s dedication to our firm.


Will Strauss


Will is our firm’s accountant, but he is much more than that.
To us he is also a teacher, a great source of information and a mentor.

Will is not only the nicest person you could ever meet but he is also very honest and considerate of how people feel.

He often takes the time to help us with a tax question so that we can better serve one of our clients.

Always available, a true expert in his field, we are very lucky indeed to have him.

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  • Sources for the meaning and definition of the word Miracle (Milagre): Encyclopedia Britannica, Oxford dictionary 2018, and,  the book Asian Education Miracles: In Search of Sociocultural and Psychological Explanations by  Gregory Arief D. Liem who is an Associate Professor at the Psychological Studies Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. And, Ser Hong Tan is a PhD candidate at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

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