Our Style: Every wealth management company has its own style, matching that style to the client's unique personality is very important.

It's a Matter of Style

Our Wealth Management Style is driven by our humble beginnings.

We are just normal people like our family of clients. Our families were not wealthy, we do not have any connections to politicians or billionaires. Everything we have been able to build for ourselves, our families and their future we owe to the loyalty of our clients.

For example, to this day the last thoughts Paul has just before he goes to sleep are “What is out there that can blindside me? How can I lose all that we have worked so hard to build? How can we make sure our clients are safe?”.

As a child, growing up in a small European dictatorship, Paul knew hunger, despair, and he truly did not know if his life was going to be fulfilled or worthy. This is a picture of Paul at age 12. Look at the clothes, tattered and old. Look into his eyes, wondering, the smile disguising the fear and the hunger. 


Paul still keeps this picture around to remind him of who he is and how fortunate he has been. It’s a long story how Paul came to be the very embodiment of the American Dream. He wouldn't bore you with the details (unless you asked him), but from that insignificant beginning he can proudly say that today he is very wealthy and can provide his family with all the best things in life.

Paul owes it all to the trust and loyalty of our family of clients who have stuck with us through good and bad times.

All of us here had very humble beginnings and that has always been an advantage to us. That hunger, and that fear of failure are the qualities each member of our team share. All of us constantly look for any hint of danger and are always ready to work as hard as it takes to take necessary steps to protect our clients’ assets from financial danger.

America is truly the land of opportunity, but opportunity is most often found among disaster. This is particularly true in asset management. Markets have cycles and they have huge declines (sometimes called crashes) on a regular basis. If we allow ourselves to be decimated by one of these crashes, surely with time we will recover and prosper again, but what an opportunity that was missed, for if instead of being immobilized by the circumstances we had been proactive, reacted,  and protected our assets to whatever degree possible, we would have been able to turn a disaster into and opportunity to acquire assets at deep discount prices.

Paul is very lucky, and people who know him always seem to ask him "How do you always seem to get so lucky?". 
He always tells them that each day, he runs down to the lucky train station, lies down on the tracks, and hopes the lucky train runs him over that day. Just a funny way of saying that Paul looks for opportunity everywhere all the time, and especially in the most unlikely places.

This passion is shared by all of us here, and we want to be proud of our work and the results we achieve for our family of clients.
Each of us is 100% dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients and we want them to also be proud of their association with us.

Our style is simple.
Seek growth and profit, but never forget who we are and never, ever, put our clients or ourselves in a position of such danger that it could wipe out all we have worked for. We are here to help our clients build a legacy for their families and in turn if we succeed, we build one for our families also.

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